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I am running the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Half Marathon for Pashi. Her early life placed her in the path of her violent, alcoholic father. Thankfully, she has been rescued from today’s danger and tomorrow’s hopelessness through the As Our Own.

Her story gives reason to my running . . .


Extreme poverty in India shows mercy to no one—not even to children like Pashi. 


Her story begins in a small village in Western India, where she was born into a poor family caught in the poverty cycle. The cruelty of this life pushed Pashi’s father to seek refuge in alcohol. The alcohol pushed him to fits of violent rage. 


Pashi’s mother decided to take the kids away from her raging, alcoholic husband, but that left them with even fewer options for survival. Often Pashi went without food, clothing, and shelter. There was little hope for a future outside the constant struggle. 


But then a pastor from the Lighthouse Church Network told Pashi’s mom about As Our Own. She heard about the care given to children within the As Our Own family. If Pashi could live there, she would have all the care she needed—as well as hope for a future free of poverty’s grip. 


When Pashi was 7 years old, As Our Own staff rescued her from extreme poverty and unstable living conditions. Her mom was hired as a cook at Hope College. This was a joyful relief for Pashi and her mother! Pashi would have not only food, clothing, and shelter—she would also have a good education, tutoring, lessons, and a larger lifelong family. Now, three years later, Pashi has excelled in her studies; her love for singing and dancing was unearthed and is being nurtured through lessons. Pashi is extremely grateful for the love of God she experiences through her As Our Own family.


Poverty and alcoholism did not have the final say in Pashi’s life, but there are countless girls in India just like her in desperate need of a way out of such hopelessness. They will grow up in extreme poverty and be at risk—unless someone steps in on their behalf. 

You can make a difference for her and countless girls like her by sponsoring me during the race on November 13 . . .

Will you sponsor me?

Together, we are rewriting stories with every step.

To learn more about As Our Own and their ministry in India, please visit and watch this video.

Pashi is a pseudonym.

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