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I am running the Eugene Half Marathon for Arya. She nearly died the day she was born . . . because her father abandoned her at the garbage dump.

Her story gives reason to my running . . .

If you are born female in India, you already have one strike against you. That’s because care is not given equally to all children. Boys are given preference over girls, and girls are commonly neglected, abused, exploited, and enslaved.


Arya’s story is a graphic depiction of this alarming reality.


The day she was born, there was no rejoicing. She was the sixth girl born into a family weighed down by extreme poverty. Such hopelessness pushed Arya’s parents to a desperate choice: They put their newborn girl into the garbage dump. 


As disturbing as this is, Arya’s story is all too common. Girls are regularly left at the dump like worthless trash. Many girls die there, and Arya would have been one of them if her grandfather had not rushed to find her and rescue her. 


Arya’s grandparents took her in and cared for her as best they could for the next five years. But their advanced age andpoverty was concerning: Who would care for Arya after they died? 


As Our Own staff heard of her grandparent’s tough situation and they shared with them the safe and loving environment that was available for 5-year-old Arya. Her grandparents knew she would thrive if she was accepted into the As Our Own family.


As Our Own rescued Arya from the likelihood of being left all alone—and the real possibility of being at risk for enslavement and exploitation. This once-discarded girl has grown into a lovely young woman who is now attending Bible college.

Arya’s life was spared, but there are countless girls in India just like Arya who need someone to step in on their behalf. They too face a tragic, hopeless future simply because they are female. 


You can make a difference for Arya and countless girls like her by sponsoring me during the race on April 29 . . .

Will you sponsor me?


Together, we are rewriting stories with every step.


To learn more about As Our Own and their ministry in India, please visit and watch this video



Arya is a pseudonym.

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