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Team Bayou City Fellowship

Bayou City Fellowship has partnered with As Our Own in their I Will Run Campaign.  Our team of 30 has been training dilligently to run (or some walk) the Dallas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon on March 25th. 

Collectively as a group we have agreed to raise $15,000 as a team goal. We graciously acquired a donor that will match anything that we raised up to $10,000. We hope as #BCFrunners to raise a total of $25,000 for As Our Own.  But we need your help!

Parul is the name of the girl that we are all running for.  She is 7 years old and was orhpaned and left to fend for herself--until As Our Own Stepped in.

 Her story gives reason to our running . . .

Losing a parent is traumatic no matter where you live. But if you are orphaned in India, your grief is coupled with fear—because quite often, there is no one else to look after you. Many of India’s orphans are left to fend for themselves.

Children become orphans through various causes, but more often it is simply because the parents have died and the broken community structure is not able to step-in and provide. These kids are launched into survival mode to find the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. 

This is Parul’s story. Her father abandoned them, then her mother died from disease. Parul and her sister had no one.


These are the types of girls predators keep an eye on. Young, unsupervised girls are easy prey for bonded labor or the sex trade. Parul and her sister would have been perfect targets—but As Our Own stepped in before that could happen.

As Our Own staff became aware of Parul's plight and worked hard to rescue her from the streets. The As Our Own family has provided much needed love and protection for Parul, and she no longer has to fend for herself or live in fear. 

But there are countless girls in India just like Parul whose parents have died, leaving them alone and defenseless against predators. They will become targeted for enslavement and exploitation—unless someone steps in on their behalf.

You can make a difference for Parul and countless girls like her by sponsoring us during the race on March 25 . . .

Will you sponsor us?

Together, we are rewriting stories with every step.

To learn more about As Our Own and their ministry in India, please visit and watch this video.


Parul is a pseudonym.

  • Goal $15,000.00
  • Raised $25,100.00
Top Donations
  • Greater Houston Community Foundation - $10,000.00
  • Bayou City Fellowship - $2,180.00
  • Baladika Kurniawan - $525.00
  • Anonymous - $500.00
  • Anonymous - $500.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Gary & Annesta Lunde 5/14/2012 $120.00
Roger & Mary Ann Bridgwater 5/14/2012 $120.00
Anonymous 4/23/2012 $120.00
Greater Houston Community Foundation 4/9/2012 $10,000.00
Robert E. Olivas 3/30/2012 $100.00
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