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am running the 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon for Avishi. She lived in the basement of a seven-story brothel—until As Our Own stepped in.

Her story gives reason to my running . . .

For the first five years of Avishi’s life, it looked like she would follow this tragic pattern. She was born in the red-light district because her mom is enslaved there. They made their home in the basement of a seven-story brothel. It was dark and dreary and lifeless. This is no place for a child to grow up.


At 5 years old, Avishi was already approaching the age of sale into the trade. Children as young as 6 and 7 years old are being sought because of the myth that sex with child-virgins cures AIDS. Avishi needed to get out of this treacherous situation before it was too late.


As Our Own staff connected with Avishi’s mom and shared how Avishi could grow up in a secure and safe environment. Recently, As Our Own staff orchestrated the rescue and brought Avishi out of the horrors in the red-light district. Since becoming part of the As Our Own family, her aptitude for learning has been nurtured and encouraged; she loves school and has become a top student earning high honors. She dreams of becoming a doctor—a dream that would have never been possible had she not been rescued from that brothel basement.


Avishi was spared from the brutality and hopelessness of brothel slavery, but there are many girls facing this same horrific future. They are in desperate need of rescue and hope. They will grow up in the district and face futures of certain enslavement—unless someone steps in on their behalf.

The heartbreaking reality is that 95% of the girls born in the red-light districts of India will become enslaved there for life. They will live there and die there after a lifetime of neglect, abuse, exploitation, and enslavement. That is, unless someone rescues that little girl before she is sold.

You can make a difference for Avishi and countless girls like her by sponsoring me during the race on June 9.

Will you sponsor me?

Together, we are rewriting stories with every step.


To learn more about As Our Own and the work in India, please visit and watch this video.

Avishi is a pseudonym.

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